My journal. Africa Trip, March 9 – April 6, 2016

Africa Trip, March 2016 Namibia Day by Day 4&5. Mowani Camp, Twyfelfontein area 1

So that;s about it for the animals. The three Halali pages before this chronicle our drive along the Etosha Pan on either side of the Halali Rest Camp, from Namutoni Rest Camp in the east to Okaukuejo Rest Camp in the west. Check the map here.

Six and a half hours after taking the red-headed finch pictures that close the last page, I took this one at our next camping stop:

There were a few farmer-like enclosures in between:

A few towns:

Animals were mostly goats kept on the farms or even in the cities:

Also occasionally cattle, not many:

Our day’s destination, however, was well worth the boring drive.

We are at the Campsite near Mowani Mountain Camp. See the second picture from the top above. This entrance keeper told us someone would come around our camp once at about 6 am, if that suited us, and again in the evening to turn on the gas heater for the hotwater tank at our camp site. That’s for the shower and sink washup. Actually for the two showers for the one camp site. There being two separate bathrooms. We had the first of maybe four or six sites.

I immediately felt that this was the world’s greatest and most beautiful camp ground.

The sun is getting low as we start to set up camp. Eric, Katie and Kyle are beginning to unload the Nissan as Margaret walks back from inspecting the two bathrooms off to the right. My tent will go under the sun screen in place. The sink with hot water shows in front of Margaret to the right of the very big boulder. Boulders lie around here like giant rolls or muffins. The view out from the camp is of more giant boulders, climbable big hills and distant vistas.

The tree is the Mopane, a bi-leaved tree we found everywhere. The leaves fold in on each other to reduce water evaporation during the day:

The family explores.

Katie on the rock:

The family climbs the little mountain behind camp:

Finally, the topmost guy.

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Eric pix of Mowani camp area

Click the pic for some Eric views of the CG.