My journal. Africa Trip, March 9 – April 6, 2016

Africa Trip, March 2016 Namibia Day by Day 8. Sossus Desert Camp near Sossusvlei Karos Lodge

From Swakopmund (mouth of the Swakopmund river, dry when we were there) we drive with all our spares south into the Namib Naukluft Park seaward from an oasis called Solitaire to see and walk the huge and extensive sand dunes. The drive takes us inland and up into harsh and dramatic mountains. More plant life there, but finally good for reading in the back seat. Our destination is a beautiful tent-lodging camp ground called Sossus and in the evening we will encounter the Spanish couple from back in the Twyfelfontein area on day five. Encounter and dine with them at a huge and delicious outdoor buffet at the Sossusvlei Karos Lodge. Chilly, but good for one and all.

The mountains:

Still desert:

As green as it got:

Oddly, some of this land was fenced. I don’t recall seeing cattle or goats up here:

The oasis:

And a little farther on the lovely tent-lodge campground in the distance:

Closer, we see the tent walls on solid structures that include walk-in showers as well as bathrooms and twin beds:

At the reception area there is even a small pool and a bar, from which this picture is taken. There was a large flat-screen TV where I watched and leared a bit about the game of cricket.

From here there is a good view of a watering hole:

The watering hole is out at the lone tree and in the tree there is found this huge bird nest for multiple birds. MnE said they were social weaver birds.

I never saw the birds that make this, but I saw a number of such nests in trees around Sossusvlei. I asked some Afrikaners what vlei means, and they said valley.

This evening at the pretty fancy Sossusvlei Karos Lodge we meet the Spanish couple:

And here’s a view towards the Mongolian barbecue and other flaming good things from the outdoor deck of the lodge:

It got way darker and more chilly there, and I got to share a tent-cabin with Katie and Kyle. Next morning, it’s off for the dunes.

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