My journal. Africa Trip, March 9 – April 6, 2016

Africa Trip, March 2016 Namibia Day by Day 9. Agama River Camp

At the Agama River Camp we meet Don and Donna again, from back on day 3. Before we get there, however, we drive 40 or 50 km towards the sea to find the really, really big sand dunes. An interesting last part of this drive in through soft sand. Lots of bouncing around and one abandoned car as Eric skillfully took us in to the hard-sand parking area. Along the way we notice two hot-air balloons going up. At the end I stay behind to read and take photos of the family going up.

There is a gate that opens up early to let folks head in for a fee. Long line of cars:


The end:

Starting up:

Getting along. Margaret in the blue cap:

The long line. Reports were that it was a little tricky about the sharp fall off.

On top:

After the return, Katie stays with me at a table in the shade of a tree to finish up the line drawing of an employee back in last night’s camp, the Sossus Desert Camp. He saw her doing something with her pencil and asked if she would draw him. She said yes, took a picture and started to work. I was standing by later when I heard him ask her to be sure and get it to him. He said he would start work at 2 pm today and she promised. So on our way back out from the dunes, MnE made a point to return to the Sossus camp to give it to him. We got there at 1 pm and had to go on, of course, but the woman at reception promised to give it to him.

Here it is. I know Katie has made this guy very happy:

On the way to the Agama River Camp, this classic Gemsbok hove into view:

Unfortunately I have no pictures of the campground itself at Agama River. It was another nice spot, with a raised swim pool to enjoy, the usual shower with warm water and bathrooms, and a walk of a hundred yards or so up to another pretty fancy lodge where we could find internet, Coke and coffee, and eat if we wished. I had quite a bit of conversation with the young German chef there. He told me he was fed up with Germany and all Europe now and purposed to spend the rest of his life here in Namibia. He’s the chap with the glass mug in his hand in this photo from my spot on a sofa against the wall:

The next morning we’re off for our last camp at the Lake Oanab Resorts.

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