My journal. Africa Trip, March 9 – April 6, 2016

Africa Trip, March 2016 Namibia Day by Day 10. Lake Oanab Resorts

Lake Oanab Resorts we visited on Easter Sunday. A great many local people were using it for picnic outings during the day. It has a nice pool at one end of quite a sizeable reservoir. Our CG was a covered platform overlooking the lake. I set up the tent there and the rest of the family, as usual, stayed in their two tents atop the Nissan. Nice stars in the evening.

The pool:

The camp site:

Fun on the water:

Cormorants on the water:

This bird seems familiar to me, something like a Ross’s Goose, but oddly does not appear in my bird book for Southern Africa. It does appear at Lake Oanab.

Back in Windhoek the next day:

And onto the tarmack:

Great trip !